5 Final Thoughts on Nets-Clips: Mighty Mase, Mini Mirza

Doc Rivers, Jason Kidd

Doc Rivers & Jason Kidd share words after last night’s 110-103 Clippers victory. (AP)

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Five final takeaways from Nets-Clippers before we move on for good:

  • Am I the only one that thought last night’s game was akin to a preseason game? With five of the team’s top six players out, and three of them not even in the arena, last night had the feel of preseason experimentation. Sure, Andray Blatche can fire up 20-footers whenever he wants. Sure, Mason Plumlee can tie for the team lead in scoring despite shooting just 5-12 from the line. Sure, the Nets can almost win a sloppy affair. These are the type of things that happen in a game that doesn’t count in the record sheet.

  • With that said, a few positives to take from this game. First and foremost, Mason Plumlee had a breakout game Saturday night, dropping 19 points on a wide array of shots at the rim, both forwards and backwards. Plumlee put down more two-handed reverse almost-dunks than I think I’ve ever seen in a Nets game. In a game against the most high-flying team in the league, Duke rookie Mason Plumlee stole the show.

  • With Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett sidelined, the Nets didn’t have an answer for Blake Griffin, who abused Plumlee, Reggie Evans, and Andray Blatche in the post to get easy buckets at the rim, along with his usual dunk showcase. The idea that Griffin is a one-dimensional dunker is patently absurd at this point; he may be the most powerful dunker in the league, but he’s also a skilled offensive player with a difficult combination of brute force and a deft touch in the post.

  • Mirza Teletovic has begun the season 3-20 from the field, missing all nine of his threes. Every time I mention Teletovic’s name I get a firestorm of people yelling at me, so I’ll leave it at that.

  • Some final scattered thoughts: impressed by Tyshawn Taylor in limited minutes, Tornike Shengelia, not so much; Shaun Livingston is an above-average shooter on those pullups from eight feet, but he can’t rely on them; after the way he shot from midrange last night, Blatche may never get near the basket again; the Nets better hope this was a one-time injury bug and they’re fully healthy on Monday.